New years is always a little bitter sweet. While I’m excited for the promise of a fresh start (and upcoming tax return) I am such a Christmas fanatic that I hate knowing its an entire year till the tree goes back up and peppermint cocoa is once again a primary food group.

I will admit however, that I do enjoy a good new years party with friends, champagne and someone wearing a silly head band with  “Happy New Year” antennae. I’m also  easily won over by the following celebration plans.

1. Downtown Fireworks

In my city there is an annual new years celebration in the heart of downtown. Hundreds of people gather for food, games, shows and ultimately, the countdown and fireworks display at midnight. While big crowds aren’t typically my thing and I’m certainly wary of the risks involved these days with large groups, I cant help but smile when everyone begins counting down the seconds until January 1st.

2. Bars

It will be hectic, it may be overwhelming and it will likely involve lots of drunken idiots. Despite it all, ringing in the new year with the frequent clubbers and newbies alike is sure to be a lively, exciting time. Some bars even offer special events for the holiday such as specialty drinks, extended happy hour, games and some even offer money prizes. This is how I will be spending my New Year, simply because my boyfriend works in at a club and, like most bar and restaurant workers, will be working in the new year but I still want my New Years kiss!

3. House Party

A couple of my friends are going this route with their New Years plans this year. They will be hosting a gathering in their new home as a sort of housewarming/new years combo. The best part of celebrating this way is being in your own home (no treacherous drive home with all the drunkies), you can request everyone bring a snack to share, and of course, champagne! Bust out your favorite games and bring in the new year surrounded by friends and laughter (if you need game ideas check out Top Choices for Game Night!)

4. Girls/Boys Night

Book a suite at a nice hotel, find a restaurant with a private room for rent, find a lake/river/beach house to rent, etc. Order food and bring plenty of drinks, kick back and celebrate the evening with your closest crew (or even just your best friend!).

5. Sleep

If you’re more on my parents level of New Year celebration, snuggle down with a warm blanket, a fun movie, a hot drink and snacks. When the clock strikes 12 you can be snug and cozy, snoring away in your own bed and wake to a brand new year!


Want to share your New Years plans or suggestions? Comment below or contact me HERE.

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