I grew up one of two daughters, my half brother lived with his mom and I never bought gifts for my male cousins. I have a lot of experience buying for girls, picking out sparkly, pretty, pink and purple girly stuff. Boys are a whole other story. I struggle big time when it comes to choosing gifts for boys, or men for that matter, which is a bit of a bummer as I have a son and 2 nephews I now shop for.

Here is a list of some of my go to gift items for boys to hopefully help you out a bit if you’re drawing a blank trying to buy for the little men in your life.

1. Legos

Any legos will do, I promise. Grab the big tub for maximum creative fun or snag a specialized box set with instructions to build awesome planes, cars, buildings or paraphernalia from their favorite action movies and shows.

2. Books

Not only do books entertain and foster imagination it also promotes quality time with those close to them and may encourage their own storytelling. Some of my favorites to gift are Dr. Seuss,  If You Give a Mouse  a Cookie (or others by Laura Numeroff), Curious George, Stuart Little, and anything by Mo Willems.

3. Nerf Guns

Parents are likely to groan if you gift Nerf guns, and I suggest knowing whether this type of play is allowed in their home. However, they are loads of fun! My son likes to set things up on his dresser and practice target shooting, take them to the park and have Nerf wars, sneak around and attack mom while she’s distracted, etc. We do have a very strict rule in our home that you can only shoot at people from the waist down and mom is generally off limits (though I do have my own tiny Nerf gun for defense purposes if the boys are ganging up on me).

4. Action Figures

Unlike when I was younger, there are action figures for absolutely everything, not just superheroes. You can find figures for practically any TV show, game, movie or book your child enjoys. And it could be argued that role play through toys increases emotional intelligence and improves communication and personal awareness.

5. Board Games

I know it sounds old fashioned but board games are still relevant and great for developing critical thinking skills. In our home we enjoy; chutes and ladders, matching (memory), old maid, go fish and candy land.

Board games can be a fun gift choice for anyone, see some of my other favorites in Top Choices for Game Night.


Have a gift idea you would like to see listed? Comment below or contact me HERE.


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