Throughout my life I’ve pretty regular had groups of friends or family that enjoy game nights. I’ve always enjoyed a variety of board games and was recently introduced to role playing type games. Here are a few of my favorite game night choices!

1. Two Rooms and a Boom (6+ players)

This one is a role play, strategy game. Played by two groups, located in separate rooms or areas. Everyone receives an identity and follows the rules associated with their identity. The goal of one team is to kill the president with their bomber, the goal of the other team is to protect their president with the advisor.

2. Rage (2-8 players)

I love this game, it is my go to every single game night. A card game of mostly luck but a fair bit of strategy, players make bids to win tricks and, similar to Uno there are a few cards to change up the play and create advantages or disadvantages for other players.

3. Settlers of Catan (3-4 players; expansion packs available)

A bit of a slower game, Catan requires players to wisely choose where to “settle” on the board and use resulting natural resources to expand their settlements. Gain points by building roads, developing houses, buying cards with bonus points, and creating an army. First player to 10pts wins the game!

4. Risk (2-6 players)

Not actually one of my personal favorites because I’ve found it requires a fair bit of luck and that is not something often on my side. My boyfriend and father both thoroughly enjoy this one however so I had to include it. Use your army to move across the world, attacking other armies with the roll of dice, and take over the largest number of countries.

5. Cards Against Humanity (4+ players)

A better choice to play with friends than family, unless your family is open-minded not easily offended by crude humor. This game gets funny, fast (especially if you’ve got drinks on hand). One player draws and reads aloud, a statement with a blank space located somewhere within it. The rest of the players anonymously choose a card from their own hand to fill in the blank. The first player reads all submitted cards and chooses their favorite, whoever played the chosen card wins a point.

6. Phase 10 (2-6 players)

Another quieter, relaxed game. Referring to the step-by-step sheet, players work their way up through 10 achievements. Fail to meet the criteria and you must try again on your next turn thus potentially falling behind the other players.

7. Sushi Go (2+ players)

I have only played this once but absolutely loved it! A friend brought it along for a double date and the four of us continued playing for at least 2 hours. It seems silly but some of the sushi’s are adorable and the point system makes it a lot of fun and adds some creative thinking to the game.

8. Ticket to Ride (2+ players)

I have found that for some reason this is a game that people either love or absolutely despise (my boyfriend being one of the latters). My mom, sister and I all enjoy this one a lot, perhaps because it is fairly easy going without a lot of actual competition. Use color coded cards to purchase portions of railroad to extend your railways from point A to point B.

9. Ingenious (1-4 players)

Some strategy involved but easy enough for even the younger ones. Use pieces to create lines of one shape/color and gain points. Track progress of each color on your own board and get all colors to the far end before your opponents.

10. Life (2-8 Players)

If you have never played Life, you haven’t lived. Spin the dial, move the corresponding number of spaces, perform the action required of the space you land on, collect paydays, go to college (or don’t), get a job, a house, married, kids, and retire happy and hopefully richer than your opponents. Though far more generous than real life tends to be, this game can be funny and is perfect for the whole family.

11. Farkle (2+ players)

I learned about this one from my dad, apparently he and my mother played it a lot with friends in college. I cant exactly remember the rules but do remember we played it for hours upon hours during our weeklong camping trip this last summer. All that’s required is a set of dice and something to scribble points on. See rules HERE.


Want to see your game night, go-to listed? Leave a comment below or contact me HERE.

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