If you are sensitive to suggestive writings, or offended by uncensored descriptions of intimacy, I encourage you to scroll on by because this list will not be for you.

On occasion I like to indulge in slightly more explicit readings ranging from brief scenes of prolonged smooching and some touchy-touchy moments, up to potentially disturbing BDSM portrayals.

1. Linda Lael Miller

I strongly recommend any of her novels. I particularly enjoy The Mckettricks of Texas series and Montana Creeds though I am easily lost in any of her cowboy novels. The only downside is that her writing does get a bit repetitive, particularly if you’ve read a lot of these pocket size style country romances. the predictability is part of what I love about them though, they are my cozy equivalent to cheesy Hallmark movies. I am currently reading through all of her Christmas novels, just finished A Snow Country Christmas and am a couple chapters into A Proposal for Christmas.

2. E.L. James

Before you roll your eyes at me in exasperation that of course I had to list the Fifty Shades series, I actually hated the series. I got sick of Ana’s whining roughly halfway through the first book and was annoyed with how little we knew about Grey. However, I really, really enjoyed the follow-up novel Grey, also by E.L. James. This novel is told completely from Grey’s perspective, you know his every thought, his feelings, why he did the things he did and more about his past. Also, I didn’t have to deal with all of Ana’s internal whining throughout (thank god). I rate this series ‘R’ but really don’t feel that it brings to the table anything that unheard of or extreme (I mean come on, sex dungeons have always been a thing, Grey just modernized it).

3. Lilah Pace (WARNING: this book comes with a serious M-rating. It deals with rape fantasy and may be disturbing to readers sensitive to the topic.)

I will tell you now that her Asking For It series is not for the faint of heart. If you thought Fifty Shades of Grey was pushing the limit, don’t even try reading Lilah Pace. Though its not my favorite, I do enjoy the story line and some twisted part of me likes seeing how far authors imaginations can go in this genre. Pace certainly takes the cake on that one, I have never read anything so harsh, though it is very well done.

4. Diana Gabaldon

In actuality, Gabaldons Outlander series is classified under novel, I however believe it fits well in this list. Gabaldon weaves a complicated love story which takes place over the span of centuries. She incorporates a great deal of history, medical science and spirituality (no, I don’t mean religion, relax). I enjoy her books because the overall story is fabulous but I also appreciate the steamy, raw, savage-like romance and desire for one another between the main characters. I guess it appeals to the primitive Neanderthal within me.

5. Harper Sloan

Ok, full disclosure. I definitely took this pocketsize paperback home simply because the cover was cute, I liked how the book felt, and we had just gotten it into the library that morning so it was shiny and brand-new. Despite my rather shallow reasons for picking it up I really enjoyed the story! From what I’ve read about her, Sloan has been around for a bit and is well known for her strong, alpha types, but this was her first venture into the world of cowboys. I am a sucker for a sexy, damaged, alpha cowboy who needs a good woman in his life to fall in love and turn things around. Sloan definitely delivered in the first book of this Coming Home series, I need to get my hands on the second one, Kiss My Boots.


Want to see your favorite romance author on the list? Leave a comment or contact me HERE.

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